SD2’s “Winepreneur”, Cassandra Shaeg launches KPBS Docuseries

SD2’s “Winepreneur,” Cassandra Shaeg, believes that success of her company is central to her mission to change the stereotypes that persist concerning black and brown business owners in the beverage industry. To an industry that often overlooks women and those of diverse backgrounds, she stands shoulder to shoulder with the winemakers, companies, connoisseurs, and advocates who bring culture and conversation to the table. We’re here to show our support for her narrative and her attempts to diversify the wine and beverage industry as she joins KPBS for her new docuseries, “Fresh Glass,” which highlights the achievements of women and people of color in the wine, beer, and restaurant industries! Whenever we have an event, we know we can count on Cassandra to take care of all of our wine needs, and we love her for it! Want to learn more?  Click the button below to learn more about Cassandra and her new show, “Fresh Glass”!