Eileen Yap: Ensuring Equal Access in the Workplace

Eileen Yap is the General Manager (Singapore and Malaysia) of RS Components, a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers. In this role, she’s over customer service, sales, and overall company growth, and worked her way up the corporate ladder to get her position. Yap is passionate about mentoring those on her team to help them grow.


Photo courtesy of Tech Collective

Growing up as a woman in Southeast Asia, Yap had a lack of role models that she could look up to and often saw other young girls with an interest in STEM get pushed aside. Regardless of the industry, women always had to prove their capabilities.


Within her position of power at RS Components, Yap is able to ensure they do all that they can to help lessen the gender gap within STEM. They offer free resources, courses, and kits online for students to access, wherever they are, and explore their interests. They created an engineering platform to provide design software for free that also serves as a community for women in engineering. Creating an inclusive workspace in office, the company also offers training sessions and employee-led networks and conversations year-round.


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