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Resources supporting antiracist education

As an educator, it is important to promote a safe space for all students to feel supported and respected. One of the ways of doing so is promoting, practicing, and embracing research-informed anti-racist practices and beliefs with your students. With the help of the resources listed below, you can educate your students to take pride in their diversity as well as respecting the diversity of others. Click the links below to access the organization’s resources.

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BrainPOP, committed to combating racism by creating anti-racist content, has supplied teachers with a list of videos and sources that they can use to support antiracist learning and growth.









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Greater Good Science Center has collected an array of key readings from Black educator-leaders and other leaders of color. Consisting of articles, books, and other resources for teachers and students.







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The Early Childhood Education Assembly offers not only resources for educators focusing on anti-racist learning and teaching, but also an anti-racism educational consultants network provided to teachers to help examine issues of race and racism in schools and other educational settings.










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Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling presents anti-racist content in the form of podcasts, articles, social media accounts, and more. Adaptable for the classroom and for personal learning.