SD2 Visits White House to Further Representation in Space Industry

H. Puentes, Co-Founder, President & CEO at SD2, and Karmin Noar, VP of Strategic Growth at SD2, were recently invited to attend the Space STEM Forum held at the White House and hosted by the National Space Council. The forum was aimed at discussing the importance of STEM education and the role of the private sector in advancing the United States’ space exploration efforts.


San Diego Squared is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting STEM education and providing opportunities for untapped, diverse talent to participate in the STEM workforce. The organization focuses on engaging students in both high school and college via mentorship, scholarships, and internship programs.


Puentes and Noar were honored to be invited to the Space STEM Forum and to have the opportunity to discuss the importance of promoting STEM education in underrepresented communities. The forum was an opportunity for them to connect with other leaders in STEM education and amplify the solutions that SD2 is employing in the greater San Diego area to diversify the STEM workforce.


“In just two years, we have built a model for tapping incredible talent that has been at the periphery of our most innovative companies for too long,” said Puentes. “We’re humbled to showcase the work that San Diego Squared is doing to promote STEM education and to connect with other leaders in STEM education across the country.”


Noar added, “The space industry needs a skilled and diverse workforce; from astronauts, to scientists, engineers, technicians, and more. We are proud to partner with the San Diego STEM community to inspire, prepare, and employ the current and future space workforce, and share that blueprint with STEM education organizations across the United States.”




At SD2, our mission is to empower tomorrow’s STEM leaders today by connecting underrepresented students to the power of STEM, providing them with access to education, mentorship, and the resources they need to lead tomorrow’s workforce. Contact us to learn more about how we are empowering students to explore careers in STEM.