What is "Black Magic?"

Author Chad Sanders was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD.  A former tech executive and entrepreneur, after landing his first job in Silicon Valley, he initially believed then rejected the myth that in order to gain success he had to throw away the identity he’d made for himself in exchange for white corporate culture.  He goes on to tell his story in the podcast, What Black Leaders Bring to the Table, with Harvard Business Review and even moreso in his novel Black Magic.



Chad sanders - writer

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Chad Sanders’s novel, Black Magic, exposes the assimilation to white male-dominated corporate culture that people of color feel is necessary to embody in order to be recognized as a professional. Recognizing that that narrative was false and oppressing, Sanders broke away from this charade. When he realized that connecting with his Black identity gave him the power of Black Magic, namely resilience, creativity, and confidence, he forged in his experience navigating America as a Black man. In his essays, he interviews other Black leaders across industries to get their take on their own Black Magic. Black Magic explores Black experiences in predominantly white environments and demonstrates the risks of self-betrayal and the value of being yourself.