Carolina Diaz: STEM Diversity Advocate

Carolina Diaz, who currently works as a project manager at Shell, has done tremendous work to advance STEM education to underrepresented students. She won the 2021 Luminary Award, served as the 2020 Vice President of Culture for WAVE (Women Adding Value Everywhere) at Shell, and was the 2021 Chapter President for the Shell Hispanic Employees Network at the Woodcreek campus.

Diaz emigrated to the United States with her parents when she was just 11 years old. Since then, she received her Bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, is currently getting her MBA from Duke, and has over eight years of experience in engineering.


Throughout her education and career, Diaz has had a passion for volunteering. She volunteered throughout her time in college to mentor children interested in STEM, and currently does work with the Science Corps program where she goes to STEM classes in school to share with students the real-world applications that the activities they’re doing have.


Diaz also does lots of advocacy work through Shell, from working with WAVE, a women’s employee resource group (ERG), POWER (Promoting Opportunities for Women across Ethnicity and Race), and the Hispanic ERG (SHEN) as Chapter president.


“The biggest reward is inspiring the students — and sometimes it’s hard to know if what you say to those students hits home, or how precisely it makes an impact,” Diaz said to The Journal, “I do believe it does. I think over time, we’re just planting seeds, and they will reap eventually. These kids are amazing and just so talented. Even if it is just being a role model and answering their questions or just handing them the backpack and school supplies … all these things add up, and they remember it.”