Immerse Yourself in Black History

This Black History Month, we are honoring a new way of learning about Black History. Black History in Two Minutes (or so) is a video series that features a number of short and engaging videos about important historical events and/or people who have shaped them. The shorts are narrated and researched by Henry Louis Gates Jr, a renowned historian and author, amongst many other talents. Along with providing captivating videos for all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels, Black History in Two Minutes (or so) also offers teaching guides for teachers to incorporate these videos into their lessons. Below we have picked a few STEM-related videos, for you to check out!


Photography: Madam C.J. Walker by Smith Collection / Getty Images



Madam CJ Walker riding a Ford Model T


Talented and interested in math from a young age, Katherine Johnson’s advanced skills helped her brake racial and gender barriers through out her life. This two minute (or so) video shines a light on her incredible journey from launching the America’s first human space flight to receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



Traffic lights, foldable beds,  and gas masks are just a couple of world renowned inventions created by Black inventors! This video captivates how after slavery was abolished the requests for patents rose, and black inventors were able to capitalize off their talents.



One of the first pioneers of the African-American hair care industry is Sarah Breedlove. After dealing with hair loss in her 30s, Breedlove set off to find a magical cure to promote hair growth. This video highlights how Sarah Breedlove soon became Madame C.J. Walker, and founded her own hair growth company.





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A STEM jack of all trades: Valerie Thomas

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