Dr.Stephon Alexander: A Theoretical Physicist, Jazz Musician, and Author

Dr. Stephon Alexander is the president of the National Society of Black Physicists and a professor of physics at Brown University. He co-invented the D-Branes inflation model in 2001, which is based on higher-dimensional string theory hypersurfaces. In these scenarios, the ‘cosmic inflation’ or rapid expansion of space that led to the early universe’s formation was caused by the destruction of a higher-dimensional D-brane.


If you’re looking for a good read: In Alexander’s critically acclaimed book The Jazz of Physics, he explores the long-lost connection between music and the development of physics, namely astronomy and mechanics. He dives deep into the parallels between jazz and other forms of contemporary music and the theories of quantum mechanics, general relativity, and the early cosmos.


To learn more about Dr. Stephon Alexander and his jazzy physics, check out the link below!