Yemi Agesin: Winner of Apple’s 2023 Swift Student Challenge

Meet Yemi Agesin: Kennesaw State University senior, software engineering intern, baseball lover, filmmaker, coder, and a recipient of the 2023 Swift Student Challenge, Apple’s most prestigious award.


Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Voice

The 21-year-old has been coding since middle school. Ever since he learned how, Agesin has loved to build educational games and apps- making him the perfect candidate for the Swift Student Challenge.


Apple challenges students around the world every year as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to build an original app program on the topic of their choosing, using the Swift coding language. This year yielded 375 winners, awarding them recognition at WWDC and plenty of Apple swag, along with a yearlong membership in the Apple Developer Program.


In his entry, Agesin was able to combine his experience playing and passion for baseball with his knowledge of coding to create a game about the batter v. pitcher matchup in baseball. His first-person tabletop game relies on the player utilizing proper timing to hit pitches against the fence to score points, exploring the complex strategies that go into the sport.


Agesin is currently working on turning the game into a full-fledged app for users to be able to download on the App Store. He’s also working on developing another app and is producing a short film about a baseball pitcher, as well as interning at an international sports technology organization. After graduation, Agesin wants to combine his love of filmmaking and coding to help filmmakers produce movies faster using technology.


“There is no better time in history when you should have or should start programming besides now,” Agesin told People of Color in Tech, “all you need to know beforehand is how to break your project into smaller steps, and if you know how to clean your room, then you already have this skill.”